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Cheerful  Future Profits


Million Dollar Challenge!!

Find the mathematical flaw in Profit Clicking’s design and we will pay you one million dollars! This breakthrough system creates the most revolutionary money making system ever designed!

  • Trusted Solution

    Profit Clicking and its related programs operate in accordance with United States Patent 6,578,010 (now public domain).

  • Minimal Risk

    Start with just $10 and start building your internet success! With our exclusive Pay-It-Forward system we get you rolling at no cost!

  • Get Paid Daily

    Earn Cash Everyday

  • Indefinitely Sustainable

    We’re backed by a retail division that provides our customers with quality sustainable products, while our unique mathematical equation ensures that our IBO opportunity is built to last.

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    Join Now! We’ll give you the $10 you need to start earning!

Ad-Package Position?

For each ad-package position you buy, the company shares their profits with you. For every ad-package position you bought, you will receive 2 percent of it during Mondays – Fridays and 1percent of it during Sundays and Saturdays. It’s just a small percentage but it’s worth your investment because you won’t have to do something tough.

If we do the math, your $10 investment will earn $0.20 per day during the weekdays and $0.10 during the weekends. After 88 days, your $10 will then become $15 which is not that amazing yet. However, it is still a good income by just signing up to the system. However, if you purchase more ad package position then you would surely earn more than $15 per 88 days. Let’s just say, you invest $1000 then you will get 100 ad package positions which will make you earn $1500 after 88 days.

You don’t need to invest more to buy more positions

You can actually use up the profits that you have just earned for more positions. You can wait for the time when you have accumulated enough amount of money to buy another ad-package position. Just a click away and your accumulated earnings can be converted into another position. You will then have more positions making money for you. If you decide to buy more positions in the future, then you can purchase a position anytime.

We’ll give you the $10 you need to start earning!

the coming weeks and months.


Member Update December 23rd, 2012

Welcome New Members! 


ONLY 2 Days Left!!!...

... to enjoy the 3% Daily Earnings on
every Ad Package purchased with new
funding from now and Dec 25th, 2012. This
means 3% for the life of the Ad Package.

Remember! 3% per day until maturity on Ad
Packages purchased with new funds only
lasts until Dec. 25th. Earning Profit
Clicking has never been easier and taking
advantage of 3% per day will kick start
earning your way into a fortune into high
gear. Make sure to purchase your Ad
Packages by funding your wallet today and
"Earn! - Earn! - Earn!" before your time
runs out.

Folks, we want to make sure you understand
that being profitable doesn't stop at the
3% Daily "Profit Explosion." By simply
sharing the Profit Clicking opportunity
with others you will earn 10% referral
bonuses on your first level and 5% on your
second. By smply sharing, this alone could
lead you to financial independence! Anyone
can be a millionaire with our proven

Be sure to join in on our live Trainings.
Our Training Center offers daily trainings
to accommodate virtually anyone's
schedule. Our professional trainers are
waiting to help you skyrocket your
business into speedy profits. Take
advantage of the experiences of those who
have succeeded before you.

Visit our Millionaire page and learn about
all the wonderful avenues of success that
are offered for your convenience.Winning
Formula, Big Money Dynamics,
Big-Money-Dynamics, these can all be found
on that page as a road map to achieving
your goals. The different marketing
techniques as well as taking part in one
of the many different training sessions
will lead to better understanding of the
Profit Clicking system.

Begin carving out your financial future
today by achieving the financial freedom
that you deserve. We have created for you
the "Build Your Business" Center to give
you all the tools you need to put together
your successful online business. With PC
you can achieve real financial wealth by
using the tools we give you and following
the simple step by step methods we provide
for you.

Kick off 2013 by earning the profits
you've always wanted. The Profit
Clicking message is "profits made simple"
for our members and we live up to it. The
first step is to get started by purchasing
your Ad Packages and then watching your
profits multiply. With the 3% daily
disappearing on Dec 25th 2012 timing is
everything don't wait until it's too late.

Go ahead and see how that 3% per day can
send your earnings into high gear by using
your "Potential Earnings Calculator" to
calculate your potential earnings. The
outcome will no doubt surprise you. Then
act before its too late and grab your Ad
Packages by funding your wallet.

We are receiving some inquiries from
members as to whether all system's checks
following the ProfitShift have been
completed. Although we are doing
everything possible to speed the process,
it is critical that we ensure the accuracy
of our checks. PC's growth has been
explosive - while this is wonderful for
members - from the perspective of our tech
department it increases the time needed to
ensure accuracy of all systems. Rest
assured the moment all system checks are
complete we will be providing a members
update to inform members.

Don't forget to join us next week when the
doors of "Abby's OPEN HOUSE" open to our
members. Abby's is a totally unique
experience for new members. They will find
a warm welcome complete with personal
attention provided by it's hosts who will
help address all new member questions.
This ensures that when you share the
Profit Clicking message your new referrals
will receive all they need to make them
successful. Building your profitable
business has never been this easy!

2013 promises to be truly exciting with
many new changes and improvements we can't
share quite yet! Stay tuned - there will
be many releases in the coming weeks.
Remember, don't miss out on the power
growth that the 3% opportunity offers -
you have 2 days. Dec 25th closes the door
on the 3% "Profit Explosion."

We want to thank you for your ongoing
support - you will find yourself richly
rewarded in Working for our wealth and success always,

Profit Clicking Team

P.S. We challenge you to find any program
that's easier to make money with than
Profit Clicking.

P.P.S. Profit Clicking is likely to become
"the program everyone in the know joins."
If you join immediately, you can tell your
friends andcontacts about it... before
they join under someone else.

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